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Tryke's Khalifa Kush Vape Cart Review

Let me share with you the setting in which I experienced these tastes and feelings that I’m about to disclose:

[Photo Credit: Lucy J'Aime. Image of a red light on in a dark room.]

And so it begins.

Smokes before bed, while in bed, curious what dreams may come.

Red light is on in the bedroom (it's good for your eyeballs, allegedly).

Stuffy and runny nose -how is that my reality?

Still, going to bed optimistic, but realistic.

Open to adventure, but hoping I don't stay up all night again, for CRPS's sake.

Because fuck these flare ups.

Let's get into the flavor for a second.

Khalifa Kush tastes like citrus peppercorns. The citrus tastes like a lemon-orange hybrid, so I looked it up real quick.

Evidently, this lemon-orange hybrid is known as a Meyer lemon. It shall henceforth be called lemorange. It has a better ring to it.

Photo credit: Lucy J'Aime. Image of a Khalifa Kush vape cartridge against a white wall with green leaves.]

KK tastes like a peppercorn was saturated (perhaps submerged, even) in this lemorange oil, then rolled until coated in a lemorange dust (kinda like moonrocks, iykyk). It's vaguely reminiscent of the V Kush taste, which is more peppercorn and cloves, rather than peppercorn and lemorange.

Khalifa Kush aftertaste: It reminded me of limón y sal candy in those little green and white plastic square pouches. It's another oddly specific flavor: lemon and salt powdered Mexican candy. The thing is they were all over the place and cost like .10¢ each...once upon a time in the '90s (not to be confused with the 1900s).

So there you have it. My first cannabis review. This whole experience was noted as I tested Khalifa Kush for the very first time so that I could give the most honest review possible. Frankly, it took me this long to try it because I was not about the brand hype. Not that I was hating, but I tried the gummies and they were not my favorite. Before making an assumption about the other products, I finally tried the cartridge.

I loved it!

The whole experience was great times. I love the way it makes me feel. I feel a change right away. Heavier doses make for a nice case of the bends -lite - which is what I call that feeling of moving or walking at an angle, much like you're bending in several places or perhaps one place frequently so it makes you feel bendy...but the light version. Well, I suppose one could say the severity of the bends is directly related to the dosage.

I will continue to work on a format for these reviews, so bear with me as I get my shit together over the next few weeks.

I leave you with an image of my prickly star cactus that is most likely named something totally different, but that I am very fond of either way.

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