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Greetings and welcome! I'm Lucy, founder and host of The Pain Pals: A Chronic Pain and Cannabis Podcast, and Chronic Wellness Co.

I am passionate about education, patient/self-advocacy, and personal care. I genuinely love learning and growing in my fields of interest to be the best resource possible. Continuing education to provide the best care has been a powerful force - a life-altering force for me. Working full-time with CRPS has come with challenges, but somehow I manage. 

Getting to work with others and increasing awareness of chronic pain conditions, particularly Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), has been incredibly fortifying to my being. Sharing my story with other CRPS warriors on a similar voyage has been incredibly rewarding and freeing, especially after years of not knowing what to do with all that sorrow and pain - Burdens I carried quietly despite the loudness of the pain. It was miraculous to have finally arrived at a point in life where I could see beyond my grief and grow with kindness for myself at the core of my heart. 

I never found a group or community to be a part of in the 15 years with CRPS. At least not one that was supportive or motivating. There was no network, not for CRPS, not for spinal cord stimulators, we were forgotten.

​My goal with this site is to increase awareness of these invisible pain conditions and share techniques to improve lives colored by pain via my story and those of other pain pals. That is why I launched our monthly support group meetings for folks with CRPS and chronic pain conditions in January 2024. Check out the event page and join us if you can!

My goal with coaching is to teach you methods and techniques that have helped me live a happy life despite my chronic pain, with or without the help of cannabis. Chronic conditions are life-long, but you don't have to struggle by yourself. Let's rewrite your story.

Lastly, the Pain Pals Podcast and blog are where we started. I recorded one season due to a lot of changes in life and direction. It has been beautifully received and because of that + the support I've received from listeners have revived my desire to keep producing these episodes to keep the conversation going. I will be recording and releasing the next season in the upcoming weeks!

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