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Greetings and welcome! I'm Lucy, founder and host of The Pain Pals: A Chronic Pain and Cannabis Podcast.


I am a Certified Life Coach, most recently founding the Chronic Wellness Company for Cannabis and Chronic Pain Caching.


I have degrees in Psychology as well as Behavioral and Social Sciences. Much of my experience in behavior therapy revolved around children, particularly those on the autism spectrum, though my studies in psychology and cognitive behavior therapy have prepared me for people of all ages.


I recently returned to school for another degree and a couple of other certifications. Currently finishing up a biology and neuroscience degree to continue my pursuit of knowledge and wellbeing, while also completing additional certifications in chronic pain management, nutrition, and herbalism to better support my clients along their journey.

I'm passionate about education, patient advocacy, and personal care. I genuinely love learning and growing in my fields of interest to be the best educator possible. Getting to work with others increasing awareness of rare chronic pain conditions, such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) among others, has been incredibly fortifying to my being. Continuing education to provide the best care available, in various situations, has been powerful and life-altering for me.

My goal with this site is to increase awareness of these invisible pain conditions and share techniques to improve lives colored by pain via my story and those of other pain pals.  My goal with coaching is to teach you methods and techniques that have helped me live a happy life despite my chronic pain with the help of cannabis.

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