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Cooking with the Gas: Medicated Mango Sorbet

Scroll down for the recipe.

I had a craving last night. I wanted ice cream, which I realized I had, but not in the flavor I wanted.

I was feeling fruity and bright; I wanted something fresher than a coffee chocolate chip creamy type of ice cream. That didn't sound fun at all. The thought was too sweet.

I remembered the food processors I got last year that I didn't end up using.

In a very medicated state of mind alteady, I proceeded to bring the processor out and set it up. Then I bust out the frozen mango bag in the freezer.

That was genius!

Until it got even smarter.

I remembered that I had a limonene tincture in the cheese drawer of the fridge. What a majestic brain!

Fuckin' Rain Man over here.

Then, Mike reminded me that we have chamoy! Holy shit, y'all, that sorbet was going to be the bee's knees. Knees for everyone!

Chamoy is a condiment. Apparently, it was an Asian invention that got a Latin twist, made from picked fruits, chili peppers, and salt. It's a beautiful addition to any pantry that enjoys flavor. I love it on fruits and ice creams, generally fresher, fruity ice cream not so much the creamy ones.

Some people use chamoy on tacos and burritos, but I haven't ventured in that direction so I can't speak on that.

The recipe itself is easy to make because I couldn't find one that didn't require sugar, lemon juice, or maple syrup. I didn't have any lemon juice and I didn't want to add more sugar to my masterpiece. I've been mindful of what I consume because it has a direct effect on my pain and inflammation.

You only need 3-4 food items and a food processor or blender. Note that the texture of the sorbet will be different in the blender as it would need to be wetter or creamier, depending on what you use. Do not destroy your blender's motor!

Frozen mango cubes, a splash of water, chamoy sauce, and your handiest tincture.

I used Boojum's Limonene MCT drops. Sativa; the tertiary terpenes were beta-caryophyllene, humulene, which is alpha-caryophyllene, and limonene. , including 2 lesser-seen terps - linalool, and bisabolol. You can't forget about the food processor or blender.

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You might be wondering why I used a sativa tincture before bed. Well, it's because I'm paradoxical; A little riddle wrapped in an enigma. So I take sativa everything at night, be it flower or edibles, and indica everything in the daytime. I'm just wired differently.

If indicas work best for you at night, like for most people, use that instead. Use whichever best suits your needs. I have an episode about chronic pain and paradoxical effects here.


  1. 4 cups of frozen mango cubes (depends on the size of your processor)

  2. Chamoy sauce - to taste - optional, but damn it's good.

  3. Splash of water, just enough to make it smoother.

  4. Preferred tincture.


  1. Add frozen mango cubes to the food processor.

  2. Add a little bit of water if you don't have lemon juice.

  3. Add tincture; use your preferred dosage

  4. Add chamoy to taste.

  5. Blend until smooth.

  6. Scoop into a cute dish or ramekin.

I'll be tweaking this recipe in the future and will post an update here. I hope you enjoy it! It's quick and easy to cook with the gas if you are motivated and medicated. It was honestly a tasty way to wind down before bed, after a long day of work and school. Despite the snowstorm.

If you tried it, let me know how it turned out and what type of tincture you used!

Here's a song suggestion from one of my favorite independent artists:

Instagram: @CalScruby. YouTube channel: NBA Jam

Happy Medicating! ~.*

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