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Experience the Benefits of WholesomeCo with My Referral Code

If you are a medical cannabis patient in Utah, you must check out WholesomeCo!

They offer free delivery statewide and hands-down some of the best educational resources and staff. I absolutely love that they go above and beyond for the patients.

Use referral code ZRJG at checkout for a $30 referral credit!

You get $30 and I get $30!

If you live in Utah, then you understand why every bit of help with our medications is well-received! The cost of medical cannabis itself is still very high compared to other markets in the U.S., if you are opting for the legal alternative.

Cannabis is expensive, but most of us living with chronic pain can't afford to live without it.

Some of us use it as an alternative to the opioids and narcotics doctors are still trying to shove in our face while shaming us for dependency in the same breath.

So, I propose, we help each other out where we can!

If you don't have a WholesomeCo account, you can create one here

They deliver statewide, for FREE! How can you not try it?

Don't forget to apply code ZRJG at checkout!

Happy medicating and stay safe out there ~.*


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