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Dirty Berty | WholesomeCo | Flower Review

Updated: Jun 5

Time to review another strain. Dirty Berty is a new favorite for me. It’s a great focus strain, making it a valuable aid for studying. I'm currently taking a political science class, yay summer, and I've found this strain incredibly helpful. Beyond academic use, it's been a great kickstart for my mornings, aiding in various activities—most importantly, just existing.

About the Flower

From what I’ve gathered browsing Leafly and similar sites, Dirty Berty is a relatively new strain with limited information available. It’s a Utah strain, known for its arousing and energetic effects. I'd say it's like a hard stop - a clear thought and a game face - it helps with focus and anxiety. It provides a clear-headed, serious & serene mindset, much like the effect of the setting sun hitting your eyes and making them sparkle like honey…looking like a Hawaiian sunset.

WholesomeCo's website states that it is a cross between Chem De La Chem and Arise, phenotype #65, with a THC content of 24.77% and 1% CBG.  

Chem de la Chem is the lovechild of Chemdog and i95. It’s a sativa with sweet, creamy, and earthy flavors. Tends to be a heady high, heavy on the focus and energy. Good for pain relief and stimulating appetite. Due to the sativa-ness of this strain, it can get a bit paranoia-inducing, so tread lightly if you tend to get dizzy or paranoid with daytime strains. 

Arise is another Sativa. While there is not much information on this strain, it has feelings listed as energetic, creative, and focused. On the downside, it can make your eyeballs and mouth dry, and you may get a bit paranoid if you tend to get paranoid to begin with. 

Dirty Berty is classified as a Sativa, highlighting its many features and benefits. Ranging from energetic, happy, uplifted, euphoric, alert, and mood-elevating effects, it absolutely felt like a Sativa to me, which is why initially I mistook it for an Indica due to my paradoxical nature.

About the Terpenes

The dominant terpenes in this strain are pinene, beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, beta-pinene, and limonene. The balance between pinene and myrcene with beta-caryophyllene is pleasant, and the additional terpenes add to the overall enjoyment of this flower. I didn’t find the beta-caryophyllene to be overstimulating as I tend to.

About the Experience

I vaporized my flower using a Volcano since Utah prohibits flame-to-flower consumption. Despite my frustration with this regulation, it worked out well. I recently discovered I had purchased a box of larger replacement bags for my Volcano, which turned out to be a humorous surprise. There are many ways to go about measuring said bags, such as the size of a 3 to 4-year-old child, an Australian shepherd’s length, about half my body length, small man-sized, literally anything but the metric system. Regardless, even when using different vaporization and other devices, the experience remained excellent.

I’d say if you are sensitive to Sativas in a negative way, perhaps use discretion or pass on it. While it may help with anxiety, nausea, and stress, it may not be worth the paranoia and discomfort that comes with that territory. Both parent strains are pretty intense Sativas, so the lovechild certainly is potent in the Sativa energy. 

I’m thoroughly surprised this strain actually worked the way it was supposed to for me! It’s seldom that I find a strain that doesn’t activate my paradoxical effects, but when it happens, it’s always a sativa. At least it has been so far. 

Indica's, prove me wrong! Sativa's, prove me right! 

In summary, Dirty Berty is perfect for getting things done and feeling good about it. Try it out, and you’ll appreciate the boost of energy and focus it provides. One bowl at a time, you'll feel on top of your game.

Enjoy this picture of a bag of weed, courtesy of WholesomeCo’s website.

Use code LUCY at checkout to enjoy a referral gift from WholesomeCo for both you and me!

Happy medicating <3

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